Going Picking for the Atlanta Country Living Fair

One day last week, I had the pleasure of picking in my friend's old house and barn. I was so excited to see what treasures I might find to take along to the Country Living Fair in Atlanta this week.

My friend is selling her place to downsize. She had this collection of plates all nicely stacked on the kitchen table to send to her daughter on the west coast.

Too bad she wanted to keep this vintage bed, but I certainly can't blame her. 

Kathy is an amazing lady, and I think we are both hippies at heart. She always calls me her sister in Christ. We both like to see the beauty in things that others think are ugly and old...

...like how she treasures this pillow because someone spent hours stitching it.

How clever and industrial is this! An old display board from Keim Lumber that serves as a room divider and purse holder in her bathroom.

I love the simplicity of her d├ęcor. She's a lady who is all about nature and has a soft spot for mice. She catches them and makes them her pets! No, she's not crazy like "kookoo" crazy. More like "fun" crazy. I'd love to spend more time with her because she's a blast.

I've been driving past the van in her yard for years and secretly wishing there was a way I could bring this baby back to life.

Maybe one day soon...

...I will be cruising down these Amish Country roads delivering my Lena's Amish Granola and traveling across America doing pop-ups with my Farmhouse Frocks. One can always dream.

Okay, time to get back on track with taking you along on this fun picking experience.
Kathy went into detail about how great this old picture of Jesus was, then pointed to the handmade paper crown and said, "That was from my niece's daughter. She thinks I'm a queen."

Next, we headed to the old barn.

Pure excitement! Can you believe what we found!?! I think I'll clean these old typewriters and take them along. What do you think?

I asked her, "Is that cast iron old sink for sale?" But I was out of luck with that one.
I think it would be cute overflowing with succulents. 

This old tin pail and scales are a couple of the treasures I snagged.

 She had these beautiful peppers sitting on her kitchen sink.
She sent me off with a bagfull of the leftover peppers for me to can also.

When I got back home, I dug into reupholstering this old rocking chair. I used a thrifted duster blanket.

I decided to just leave the wood alone since I had used a lighter colored fabric.
I was happy with the outcome. Not bad for a rookie.

I'm going to share a couple more pictures that were part of my day. I have always been drawn to this little teal-colored cottage in Fredericksburg, Ohio.

I love the colors of this cauliflower and broccoli display at Hershberger's Truck Patch.

My lovely ladies going for their morning stroll. Have I told you lately how much I love my chickens?

I took some Amish canned soup to my friend in the city.
My Amish friend's horse died, so she is canning and sewing for people who ask her so she can raise funds to buy a new horse. Her name is Irene and you can order your homemade soup or canned goods by calling her at 330.695.2168.

I will close this post with one of the many pictures I've taken of the vibrant fall colors we're surrounded with now.

I am counting my blessings for all the inspiration that surrounds me daily. I hope you are, too!


Farmhouse Frocks: Getting Ready for the Country Living Fair

 This week has been filled with its share of highs and lows. One moment, I'm fearful of the amount of farmhouse clothes that we're cranking out for the big show we have coming up on October 24th, 25th, and 26th. in Georgia. When Country Living Fair contacted me to see if I would be a vendor for their Atlanta show, at first, I was flattered, then I started thinking of all the planning and sewing it would take and I became intimidated, and, yes, I'll admit, fearful. But then I was reminded by my small team that I was operating out of fear, not faith. After more planning and planning and then some more planning, not to mention solid advice from those who have gone before us, we decided to jump off of the mountain and leave our fears behind.

We've hoarded lots of old lace and vintage heirloom tablecloths to make some amazing signature frocks for this upcoming event.

It feels like the perfect time of year to launch our new line. The air is crisp, the hillsides are beautiful, and the changing colors are kissed daily by brilliant sunsets.

And we keep coming up with more fabulous ideas! For example, we will have gobs of lacy vintage headbands that my girls are begging me to keep. I know they are totally styling when they sneak into the inventory.

Who knew I'd knock two things off my bucket list this year!?! I now have my own busy chickens, and I'm able to wear cute, shabby chic clothes in sizes that really fit me. Comfortable, gorgeous clothes that I can feel my beautiful self in. How great is that?

And the colors are just perfect! We have grey, taupe and cream colored infinity scarves that are crafted from the softest jersey and lace. Any suggestions on what to name these terrific scarves? Remember, the theme is chickens, country, and farmhouse style.

Our legwarmers and boot cuffs are being completed as I write.

Embellished denim jackets, up-cycled soft sweaters, and shirt-extenders in different colors...

A newspaper-print frock, a couple of plus-sized boyfriend jeans...

...the list is nearly endless.

One thing I feel pretty confident about is that you will love our Farmhouse Frocks booth. We now carry every size from 3 to 3X. AND all sizes run big instead of small! Isn't that refreshing!?!
Ladies have you ever heard this one? 
"Yes, we have that size, but our clothes have a tendency to run small."
Not with Farmhouse Frocks!

I'm bringing some of my favorite all-white ironstone to the show to give our displays a little more of farmhouse feel.

I'm so excited for the displays.

In all reality, I'd love to have this as my booth, but let's be realistic, right?

I've been blessed with an amazing support group as we bring this fair to its final week of prepping. I went to a friend's old barn and picked a couple of pieces for display today.

I wish we could find lots more of this newspaper print, but this is one of those one-of-a-kind dresses that you better snatch up the minute you see it!


As we reach to the top to bring you frocks that will make you feel beautiful.
Our honest-to-goodness, let's-be-fair sizes are:



Mark the date in your phones, grab a friend, and come see me and a few of my girlfriends at the Country Living Fair in Atlanta, Georgia on October 24, 25, and 26!
This spread of us being featured on the main banner was a sweet surprise.
I will post a blog soon on the picking adventure I had today! In the meantime, drink a spiced cider, eat another apple dumpling, and rest in the comfort of knowing that our clothes will free you to be beautiful, no matter what size you are.






Amish Country Fall Drive with my Parents, and Canning Banana Peppers

Last Saturday, my mom wanted me to take her to pick up a few groceries, so I suggested that Dad ride along and we all take a little off-the-beaten-path way to get the things she needed. So hop in the back seat with Dad and enjoy the ride!

My intention was to drive slowly and get lost on little back roads. Dad had other plans. He walked out of his house with a smile and an Ohio road map. He always has to know which road we are not lost on. :-)

We headed north out of our hometown of Shreve on narrow roads, and the further north we got, the more colorful the fall foliage became.

There was so much beautiful farm land.

We came upon an Amish settlement close to Lodi, and my parents and I were intrigued with their simple life. Yes, my own parents are still Amish, but they are of a more modern Amish sect than this treasured settlement we had found.

We saw lots of laundry fluttering in the chilly, fall winds that were moving in from the west.

We let the buggy tracks and the horse poopoo direct our way as we slowly cruised down country roads. We turned the bend and met these two friendly dogs.

We stopped at this Amish produce stand where we bought peppers for 10 cents and tomatoes for 25 cents.

Loved the colorful trees behind the laundry on these lines.

Turned around for this capture. Wouldn't these old rusty mailboxes make a great shoe rack?

So peaceful! Now I want to drive this route to get groceries every time!

Look at those beautiful red leaves on that old roof!

We wondered if these tracks were still being used.

I gushed over this homestead and how it should be on the front page of Kinfolk Magazine.
A pear and an apple tree in your front yard, not to mention the wood shed filled for the winter that is to come.

I also backed up to get a shot of the tomatoes that were gathered on the front porch under grape vines that spread over the rafters.

I got a little chuckle over this sign at one of the many produce stands. Unfortunately, my parents didn't let me honk at this one. They informed me I'm not stopping at every stand. :)

Dad said, " Look! There's their bathtub hanging on their front porch!"

I asked "for real?" "YEP!" he said. "That will be their bathtub tonight, since its Saturday."

I said, "Look! That could be a puzzle!"

Absolutely loved the details in this quilt that was fluttering in the gusty winds.

Along with these Amish "barn door" pants that looked perfect with the red barn behind them.

Dad fussed over this big pile of logs with the small sawmill beside it. I, however, noticed how beautiful the buggy looked with the logs in the background.

Soon, we stopped off for some soup and......

...we hoped for apple dumplings, but this warm apple pie ala mode was just as good.

I went home with a couple of these pumpkins after putting my cash in the coffee can.

Many great memories during that couple of hours spent with my parents.

Before we headed for home, we stopped by yet another farmer's market.
They bought watermelon and...

...I bought a half-bushel of banana peppers.

After a relaxing drive in the country, I came home and canned our favorite pepper recipe that is so easy.

Canned Banana Peppers
1/2 bushels of banana peppers (deseeded and sliced)
1 gallon white vinegar
3 quarts cold water
6 cups white sugar
1 cup salt

Stir for a couple of minutes and pour cold brine over the peppers which have been packed into 13 quart jars.
Put lids on and store in cool area. No there is no need to seal jars. I've used this recipe for a couple of years and people ask for the recipe every time I serve it on a cheese plate or sandwiches.

I hope you enjoyed your ride in the back seat with Dad, and I hope you enjoyed this pepper recipe too.
Savor fall, as it will soon be whisked away!