Farmhouse Frocks & Lyssa Ann Portraits Opening A Studio In Millersburg

We have some exciting news!!!

Farmhouse Frocks is moving into a bigger space and collaborating with premiere photographer Lyssa Ann Portraits to create our best-ever dream studio together!
We both feel excited and blessed to have found the perfect building for us to use our talent together.
We are planning the Grande Opening of our studio on Thursday evening, July 2nd from 6 to 8 pm.
We will serve light refreshments and have drawings that evening.

I'm so excited about this beautiful old tile ceiling in the studio.

I hope to be able to bring you along for the ride over the next month as we revamp, paint, and make our studio into what we have pinned on Pinterest. If you don't see activity on my blog, you might want to jump over to my Instagram or Facebook to see the makeover as it's happening.

Alyssa's space has these amazing dome riser windows in the ceiling that will give her lots of natural lighting for her photo shoots.

We bought 14 gallons of white paint! That should give you a hint as to how much work is carved out for us in this next couple of weeks.

Our studio will feature the Farmhouse Frocks clothing line that we offer in sizes 5 to a women's plus size 28.
We will also carry a unique, one-of-a-kind line of farmhouse-style décor, ironstone, candles, jewelry, and painted furniture, as well as handmade curtains, pillows, and bags. Alyssa will carry wall-art canvases and metals from Amish Country that she has captured along the way.

We will use our studio as a work space but will also open for retail on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Our hours will be 10am-5pm during those days.
We have been prepping, praying and planning all we can to prepare ourselves for this exciting adventure.

One of the things I do when I'm out picking is I ask the Lord to show me where the best treasures are. It sounds so cliché, but, I'll tell you, it works! I've found many soft fabrics, ironstone, vintage lace, old tablecloths, and the list goes on and on. My latest treasure was this pair of matching old barn doors with the tracks. It felt like it was my kiss from God when I found them, and, to boot, they were FREE:)
After some sweat, blood, and a pressure washer, they were ready to be whitewashed and, thankfully, they are all ready to be hung.

Here is Alyssa with a piece of her metal wall-art.
She has an exciting week ahead for her. She's flying to Portland and getting married by a waterfall! So thrilled for all the adventures in her life at this time. She has also just finished renovating her little cottage she blogs about.


Go check her out at Cottonwood Shanty.
She has many talents and I feel blessed to have good, young blood on my team. 

Here is another winter Amish Country canvas she will also have in the studio.

That other thing I'm so excited about is to have my daughter, Felicia, as my new personal assistant.
She will also be doing design and sales.
She is good at helping you pick out your frock and working with you to decide what looks best on your body type. She has brought lots of value to this company, and I'm feeling blessed to have her work for me.
In the above picture, Felicia is wearing the Signature Frock. It comes in different colors.

As you can see, this is the same frock pattern but in a different color.

I have so much to share with you about what our plans are with the new studio!
One is to have classes that will empower women to empower people. It's called Studio 65 Workshops. No worries--we do allow men to join us, too! It's just that we feel passionate about helping women become better with the gifts they already have or maybe don't realize exist.

Here's our lineup for the first three classes:

Monday, July 13, 6-8pm
Instagram IQ by Lena Schlabach
*walk through setting up your account if you haven't already
*what is a hashtag and how to use it
*how to take clean pictures
*what apps to use for edits
*strategies for gaining new followers
*networking on IG
*using it to promote
*inspirational ways to use it
You will walk away knowing how to use new apps and feel empowered to be able to connect with people all over the world. We will help you think outside the box about what's at your fingertips.
Cost of this class is $25 and is non-refundable. To reserve your seat, email farmhousefrocks@gmail.com

Other classes lined up are:

Aug 10th, 6-8pm
Clean Photography for your Social Media by Alyssa Eliot

September 14, 6-8pm
Steps on Developing a Small Business by Lena Schlabach

I'm also so excited to have my talented friend Barb from Restoration Details doing all of our painted, one-of-a-kind furniture pieces. She will serve as our in-house designer and is available by appointment.

Her beautiful pieces will all have a name and a story that will be attached to the tag. She uses Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and other quality paints for furniture.
Barb puts added touches of love on and in these pieces.

As you can see!

The Matilda piece is stunning!!!

Our jewelry artist is Jess from Sassyfrass. She has mad talent of repurposing pieces in a rustbelt-made style. She has earned many artist awards and is well known in the Cleveland area for her amazing work.

We will also carry our Farmhouse Frocks Q-line Spoon Rings, made by my husband.

I've been collecting vintage mirrors for our bathroom and having lighting made.

I found this ottoman at a local thrift store. I used lace and linen scraps that were left over from my frocks to cover it in a shabby-chic style. I can't wait to show you the finished DIY project.

It might not be as pretty as the picture on Pinterest, but I love it!!!

I have nine Amish seamstress who are sewing for me at this time, and I'm feeling blessed to be able to make a difference in these women's lives.

We started the Farmhouse Frocks in September, and I have already learned so much on this new adventure. I've changed what doesn't work and am continuing to improve our cottage-style patterns and the quality of our fabrics.
One of my goals for bringing my daughter on board is to free more time up for me to share our stories and adventures along the way.

Here is our new clothing tag.
I'm proud to be an American-made product!

We will continue to base our business on operating with "more faith than fear".
We are planning on participating in the fall Country Living Fairs in Columbus, Ohio and Atlanta, Georgia.

This is Alyssa and me signing the lease for our leap of faith.
We want to thank all of you who have cheered us on along the journey this far.
Really, what it all comes down to, is we want to inspire others to follow your dreams, and maybe through our classes, pictures and frocks, you will feel empowered to be your greatest with what you are bestowed:)

We hope to see you at our GRANDE OPENING!!!


Farmhouse Frocks: Ready for the Nashville Country Living Fair!

Look out, Country Living Fair! Here we come! 
It feels like we are ready to give birth to something precious.

When you put months of work into something, and when the time finally comes to reap the benefits of your hard work, it is so rewarding!
We did a photo shoot with the amazing Lyssa Ann Portraits to better market to our Nashville audience.

We are so pumped to bring with us quality-sewn clothing ranging in sizes from 3 to 28. We have a very generous, very beautiful selection of plus-sized clothing!

We will also feature hand-made spoon rings and lace leather cuffs, crafted by my talented hubby and our son.

I've been collecting some amazing pieces of all-white ironstone and sparkly silver.

I also found some great treasures while picking in the south.

I was so delighted when Betty Lynn from Country Living Magazine called to request that I give a canning demonstration on the kitchen stage on Friday, April 24th at 2pm.

Of course, I said yes! I decided to do a strawberry jam, which is the next fresh thing to be in season. I hashtagged all of the canning pictures on my Instagram under Lena's Amish Granola, so if you search #lenascanning, the photos will come up of my years of preserving.

We have been shuffling all of our Amish-sewn clothing into the studio,

which means our studio has become smaller and smaller by the week! We are so blessed to have eight Amish seamstresses diligently sewing our fabulous clothing line. 

Yesterday, I welcomed a couple of my friends into the studio to help make sure everything is tagged and packed up.
We had an amazing lunch and lots of laughs. 

Last evening, I packed the succulents onto this cart which will be a great tool for wheeling supplies back and forth to our booth.

Here we are getting Mandy, a member of my sales team, all frocked up.

I've had fun working on the booth displays. I think that's the most fun for me.

There will be lots of love and lace at our Farmhouse Frocks booth!

I repurposed this chandelier. It might need just a tad more fru-fru and sparkle.

We mod-podged these doors with an Amish newspaper called The Budget. It's like the Amish Facebook in paper form.:)

I'm so thankful for all the assistance and guidance I've had as we count down the hours until it's time to play.
Above, you'll see our new care labels which we'll lovingly tuck into everyone's bags when they purchase our prairie-style frocks.

We really hope to see you all at the show, and if you can't be there in person, thanks for being there in your prayers! 

It's time to ROCK THE FROCK.


Ladies Take On Florida

Spring Break 2015!
This year we took along a friend who enjoys sunsets as much as we do.

For years, my friend Wanda has commented and liked my photos of sunsets when we have vacationed in Sarasota.
Our paths crossed many years ago when she gave me my first hair cut. We stayed connected over the years mostly by social media. Occasionally we'd get to do lunch or parties together. So when I saw her on one of the coldest days this winter at the local post office. I asked her, "So, are you going to go with us to see the sunsets in person this year?" She quickly replied "YES! I am!" She later told me she surprised herself with her boldness of just saying she was going and not knowing what it would hold.

A few texts and a couple of weeks later, the day finally came for the ladies to head south.
Little did we know that we'd face an obstacle on the day we were to leave for vacation.
A big, wild turkey flew into our windshield. So when I sent Wanda this picture, her wheels started spinning for our next plan. She soon texted back that we could use her company van, and a couple hours later we were on the way.

We have been having many firsts on this adventure.
We couldn't have picked a greater traveling partner!

Wanda has blessed us with her presence and feels like she been part of our family for years. Here she is trying her first sushi with my daughters.


We have found many treasures while thrifting.

We have managed to find our secret beaches where you don't see half of our community sunbathing on their spring break.

At the Sarasota Farmers Market, we were so excited to see our sweet friend Angela who lives here 

This is always a Saturday morning favorite.

Our sweet Wanda has spoiled us with serving us and cleaning up after us. She has such a servant's heart.

One day we went to the Jetty in Venice.

Its always a hoot when I hang out with my girls. They're the crazies, funniest people I know.

On this day, the girls and I tried our first oysters.

Angela took us for our first Anna Marie Donuts.

Still thinking about this experience. The bacon caramel donut was AAAMAZING!

Wanda's first Ross shopping. She's hooked:)

The Croissant & Co. in Venice makes you feel like you're in France.

God gave us this kiss. I happened to capture the moment when one of the dolphins surfaced.

I always stop to admire these bright Easter-egg-colored houses that should be a part of a dream.

I was so happy to find this piece of driftwood. I will be using it to display our Farmhouse Frocks spoon rings. Do you see the cross that showed up in the picture?

We also drove down the road where the rich and famous live and took a picture of Oprah's house.

We have so enjoyed our company and exploring all the treasures that Sarasota offers as we rejuvenate our souls for the reality that will hit us soon enough.

As we soak up the last days in the sun and try to absorb every sunset, we consider ourselves blessed by the new addition to our family.
Wanda, you're a gem and we love you!